Sep 20, 2009

Dog Bed : Solvit Waterproof Bench Seat Cover

Let your pet ride in style! The Solvit Waterproof Bench Seat Cover is a great choice for protecting the back seat from dirt, dander, and 'spills'.

The surfact of the seat cover is indeed heavy-duty as described. It is a neutral color so it blends nicely in my car.

Since this is a one-size-fits-all cover, it doesn't fit my car very well (in my opinion, one size fits all means it doesn't fit anything). That is not totally unexpected. I don't have headrests but I was able to loop the straps around the back of my seats when folded down then closed it back up. That works relatively well. Unfortunately, the lower straps, to attach to the horizontal part of the seats, work very poorly. They attach both a elastic strap as well as a strap with a hook. There isn't enough unobstructed space under my seats for the elastic strap and there is no where to attach the hook. So, it often rides up, leaving a good chunk of the seat uncovered. I haven't figured out a workaround for that yet.

Teapot : RSVP 48oz Blue Stoneware Teapot Tea Pot Kettle NEW

A bevy of beautiful colors to suit any mood or d?cor. Generous 48 oz. capacity stoneware teapots are made from seamless one-piece construction and are lead free. Microwave and dishwasher safe. #CHAI-B\tBlue

I adore this teapot! I drink a lot of tea, but I am the only one in my household so this teapot holds 3 perfect cups of hot tea just for me. I just pour some water in it, pop it in the microwave for 3 or 4 minutes and can pull it out of the microwave with my hand because of the stay cool handle. The tea stays hot long enough for me to enjoy my three cups of tea. I had originally purchased one for a friend who likes teapots. It was so cute and inexpensive that I thought I would try one for myself since I just started drinking hot teas. I love it so much I am going to buy one to keep at work. The colors are awesome so it is hard to choose. This is on my list of gifts to buy for the special people in my life who I know enjoy hot beverages. Just because it is a teapot doesn't mean it cannot be used as a hot chocolate pot or hot cider pot etc.

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