Oct 19, 2009

Cat Litter Box : CatGenie-Self Washing, Self Flushing Cat Box

I have now owned 2 versions of a self washing cat box: a Litter Free, and now a Cat Genie. The Litter Free, while not perfect, made me appreciate how nice it is not to tend a litter box. However, that unit had plenty of flaws, and a newly formed company engineered a better unit that fixed a lot of the issues the Litter Free.

I purchased the unit in September of 2006. I am on my 10th month. Up until recently, I was not the happiest person with the unit... I had a lot of clogging issues. Had I given up on the unit a few months ago, my review would have been very mixed, with the unit failing to process its daily duties a few times a month. However, I knew the company was working on some improvements to the most common issues, and my patience was rewarded (more on this later).

If you read the other reviews, you probably have an idea how the unit works. Up to 4 times a day the unit will clean the box. First, the stool is removed by a scoop. The stool is dumped into a processing unit. The litter box is filled with water, which also fills the stool processing bin with water. There is an impeller which spins the stool around the processor, that dissolves the waste, and then the waste water is pumped out through your sewer connection. The unit is filled with water and flushed several times. During the last flushing, a sanitizing solution is dispensed into the water. Once that water is removed, the litter is dried, and the process is done. This takes about 30 minutes.

Bruce Lee Video : Bruce Lee Rubber Duck by Celebriducks

Book Bag : Pink Camo Galloping Horse Backpack

This is a very cute backpack that my horse and camo crazy daughter loved at first, but it is a little smaller than a normal backpack and she is having a hard time carrying her 2" notebook in the large compartment. It barely fits and is making the seams on top come apart due to stress on it. My daughter is in 5th grade......if she were in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, it would have been great!!! (less books!) It does look like its pictures, it just didn't hold up to tough use. I do recommend it for lighter loads!

Yoga Mats : Gaiam Yoga Mat (Koi Fish)

I just got this mat, and it is very nice. It is quite sticky, and definately provides for great grip. I don't slide around at all. The design is absolutely fantastic!

This was my first 1/8 inch mat. I've always had the 1/4 inch thicker mats. I think this mat gives me a better grip while doing yoga on CARPET. You can feel the floor more, and feel more grounded. Definately worth a try if you're used to the thicker mats.

Just a warning, the smell of this mat will knock you out! When i first unwrapped it, i had to put it upstairs in an enclosed bedroom with the windows opened because it was smelling up the ENTIRE house. After 2 days in that room the smell was COMPLETELY gone, I didn't even wash it. I used it on the third day and didn't notice a smell at all. This is my 4th yoga mat, and they ALL smell, so that is just something that every mat does. (except maybe the eco mats, but I don't like the strange texture.)

Teapot : HuesNBrews Infuser 24 Ounce Scarlet Teapot, 1 Pack

I purchased this to replace a broken Beehouse of comparable size (I get two 10 oz. cups of tea out of this pot). It is a good teapot in that it is of quality construction and has quality parts (tea filter and lid). Plus, HuesNBrews has a nice color selection. My only issue is that the spout tends to drip a little due to design. This is annoying, but, considering the price, not enough to really complain. I would definitely buy this again.

Straw Hat : Sewn Braid Toyo Cowboy Hat - Pink

Try a twist on a traditional cowboy hat with our Sewn Braid Toyo Cowboy Hat Outback hat. Made from 100% straw, this Pink colored hat offers you all the authenticity of a traditional cowboy hat, with a few trendy additions. Constructed from an intricately woven mesh, this hat boasts a 3 wide brim with fabric edging and roomy crown measuring 4" deep. With inner elastic sweat band and the ventillated crown, this hat will ensure you stay cool and dry at all times. Fitted with a beaded hat string, which knots in the back with a few short tails, only adds to this hats flavorful twist on the everyday cowboy hat. Made of 100% paper straw. ONE SIZE fits most with elastic band inside, fitting up to 7-1/4. Crown measures 4 inches deep, with beaded hat string band. Brim measures 3 inches wide, up turned. Thick, stiff and cool material. Hand wash only. Available in pink, natural and mint. Imported

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