Oct 3, 2009

Cat Litter Box : LitterMaid LM500 Automated Litter Box

I've used the littermaid for several years and find it reliable and easy to use. With two indoor cats and a schedule that takes me away from home for several days at a time, the littermaid has saved me a lot of hassels. If one cat didn't clean up after himself the other cat may decide to use the bathtub or the floor next to the litterbox for it's toilet, this problem was solved by the regular raking of the littermaid.
It does require a thorough cleaning from time to time, but this mainly occurs when I'm not diligent about daily or subweekly checks. If there's too little litter the litter will not form an easily rakeable clump. The litter remains wet and will either cling to the rake or harden to the bottom of the box and require manual scraping to dislodge.

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