Oct 8, 2009

Electric Toothbrush : Philips Sonicare FlexCare Rechargeable Sonic

I have been using the Sonicare Elite 7300 brush for a couple of years now, so it was no surprise to me that the FlexCare line is also a very good brush. All-in-all, using the new FlexCare is not all that much different than the Elite series, it feels about the same despite the advertised 80% less vibration. That being said the vibration does not bother me at all. The two biggest differences I noticed with the FlexCare are the significantly smaller handle size, which could be good if you have smaller hands and the somewhat larger brush head size, which I kind of like, because it seems to clean more areas faster. Of course the new ProResults brush head also means that I can't use the same brush heads that I have already bought for my older brush, but I like the new head design and also the way that it just presses on instead of screwing on like the older heads did.

As for all of the brushing modes and cleaning routines offered with this brush, I have not even bothered with them, I like brushing my normal 2 minutes (30 seconds each quadrant) which is what the standard clean mode does, so that is what I use. The charger station is also nice because it can hold two extra brush heads so that up to 3 people can share the same space easily. It also has a "travel charger" which is just the main charger without the extra brush head spaces and also a cloth-like travel case. The battery life also claims to be longer than any of the previous versions, so taking this on longer trips without even worrying about the charger is more of a possibility.

Dog Bed : Solvit Waterproof "Hammock" Seat Cover

this product seems fairly well made but it smells terrible, like toxic. I have washed it twice and it still stinks. I am trying to air it out. I probably should have returned it right away but decided to try to desmell it. After 3 washings it still stunk and my husband complained of headaches...so we threw it away.

My dog weighs 75lbs, about the size of the Golden in the picture, and the product ripped from its supports after just one week. She is a calm dog and the product did not undergo and undue abuse. Most of all, the smell is awful, even after rinsing and air drying.

It ripped apart within one week of using it. I need the company to contact me so I can get either a replacement or a refund.

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