Nov 11, 2009

Snake Light : Danray Products LLC LMP-24D 24-Inch Snake-Arm Lamp with Direct Mount Base and 6-Foot Cord, Gloss Black

This snake-arm lamp by Danray Products LLC will light the work area of metalworking and woodworking machinery. In addition, hobbyists, lab technicians, office workers, artists, architects, jewelers, and even readers can benefit from the additional light provided by this lamp. The lamp uses a 100-watt-maximum ordinary incandescent bulb (not included). The heavy-duty snake arm is made of spring steel covered with vinyl to protect it from grease, oil, and contaminants that would weaken its holding ability. It offers practically unlimited adjustment possibilities and long-term holding power. It comes with a direct-mount base that can be fastened to most any flat surface at least 2 inches long by 1 inch wide with two included 1/4-inch fasteners. The snake-arm lamp is UL-listed and bears the C-UL US listing mark, which indicates compliance with United States and Canadian requirements. The lamp is furnished with a heavy-duty 6-foot cord that has a 120-volt grounded plug. The lampshade is made of high-impact polycarbonate that is resistant to chipping, denting, and cracking. The shade has a double wall that keeps the outer wall from getting too hot; this allows adjustment of the lampshade while in use, even after the lamp has been on for hours!

Shower Cap : Fashy Shower Cap with Wide Headband -Assorted Colors- Made in Germany

This is just a terrific shower cap. I have been looking for the perfect shower cap for a long time. I have longish thick hair, and I need one that can expand and fit it all. This one does that easily.

My primary complaint about most shower caps is that they are uncomfortable and scratchy around the headband. Even some expensive ones have this problem. Not so with this shower cap. It is soft and comfortable, and yet it's tight enough to seal in your hair from the water.

One thing to note - when you first get this cap, it looks like it doesn't stretch open very wide, and you might think it won't hold much hair. That isn't the case. At first I thought it was for a child, and then I realized that you put this cap on like a bathing cap - put it on and then tuck your hair inside of it. The puffy part on top will keep expanding to accommodate any size, and the headband easily opens to so that you can tuck in your hair.

Highly recommended. It's a little pricey, but I think it's well worth it.

Shoe Horn : FootFitter Ultra Long Steel Shoe Horns

its like the one that the old shoemakers and shoe salesmen used 30 years ago but longer. it's even made out of metal...WOW amazing to find quality like that anymore! having it be so long is really handy if you have a bad back or are just tired of hunting for a little one that constantly gets lost. i have a long telescoping one but it can accidently fold whileyou are using it and gets lost when my kid plays with it.

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