Sep 30, 2009

Book Bag : Dakine Duel Skate Laptop Backpack

This is a great skate bag. Just remember to strap your board with the friction tape face out so it doesn't wear the pack material down (makes little fuzzy strands). Great pockets and organization. Holds my Nalgene on easy grab side pockets nice and snug. Also, It keeps my cell phone snug and my tiny digital recorder snug so they don't fly all over and break when I'm running around with my pack on. Umm... comfortable to wear! Oh yeah! Top zip compartment with fleece liner for your sunglasses to keep your shades nice and unscathed. Great pack... recommended to all!

i got this backpack a couple weeks ago, pretty cool, but my 15.4 laptop didn't fit in the zipper that was designed for if, i have to keep it in the normal compartment, not a big deal
it's really confortable

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