Oct 29, 2009

Electric Toothbrush : Philips Sonicare Essence e5500 Power Toothbrush

Only without the scraping! My teeth feel so smooth and clean, just like they'd been cleaned by the dentist. I was an agressive brusher before, but this is amazing. My gums even feel so much stronger now. I've noticed my teeth look whiter now than they ever have as well. I've noticed this toothbrush on the Friday sale, several different weeks. If you're looking to buy, I highly recommend doing it on a Friday, check out the Friday sale.

Dog Bed : Petmate 25-Inch Burrow Bed, Navy Blue

This is a great little pet bed! I have a hairless dog who tends to get a bit...well, VERY chilly in the winter. I have seen these beds before, but they seemed a little pricey ($50-60). Finally, I looked up burrow beds on Amazon, and here it was!
When the bed arrived, I was immediately impressed with the quality. The outside is made of a thick, almost upholstry-type fabric, and it is lined with faux-lambswool. The bed part is so cushy and inviting, I couldn't help but stick my head in there! The cover is stiff enough to provide an envelope for your pet to crawl into, but it folds around them nicely, like a thick blankie.
It is machine washable, a definate plus! The color is similar to the picture: kind of a cadet blue with a subtle stripe pattern, and the inside is cream colored. My pup had NO reservations about heading in there! I tossed a toy in it and she ran right in! She's in there as I type this, poking her nose out every so often to say "THANKSMOM!"
A great buy for chilly pets--now if they could only make one in MY size!

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