Oct 13, 2009

Ruby Ring : 18k Yellow Gold Overlay Sterling Silver Diamond Accent & Ruby Flower Ring

The picture looks exactly like the ring in design. The cheap price (about $12/15 on sale) was hard to pass up. Runs true to size. The design is interesting and that makes the ring worth the price paid. The stones are not an amazing bonus, rather kind of dull and flat looking. The stones in this picture were more hot pink than the actual ring I got which is a lighter, but solid, pink. It's the gold design that makes the ring, the pink is there for a little color accent. It's comfortable to wear and doesn't snag things. It looks nice on the hand and certainly doesn't look like a cheap ring. Might be more brilliant if I get it professionally cleaned, even though that will cost about what I paid for it.

Piano Lamp : Polished Brass Adjustable Piano Lamp

This elegant piano lamp comes in a lustrous polished brass finish. It adds light and style to a piano, desk or any workspace. Adjustable at the base of the arm, the shade also swivels to direct light. Includes energy saving T5 bulb. Includes one 8 watt T5 energy saving bulb. 14" high. 6" round base. Shade is 14" across.

Knee Socks : Gold Toe Men's Canterbury Over the Calf Dress Sock, 3-Pack

It took me until age 47 until I really started to pay attention to my socks. I've always hated the drooping ankle-sock, showing skin with legs crossed look.. So I went on a mission to find a great, affordable over the calf and this is it. Fully stocked my sock drawer with 12 pairs in black, that's all I really need for work or leisure. The quality and comfort (they go up over your calf and STAY there...no bare ankles showing on me!) are exemplary. Next I'm going to try the athletic sock version of these, Gold Toe makes great stuff.

Graphing calculator : Texas Instruments TI-83 Plus Graphing Calculator

If you are a high school student, then this calculator is for you. It has everything you need, for algebra, precalculus, and calculus. The good thing about the 83+ is that it is upgradable, so the need for a new calculator doesn't arise, every few years. Purchasing a graph-link can add on a TREMENDOUS amount of programs to use for Physics, Geometry, and even 3D-Graphs, (previously only on the ti-89 and up). If you are in High School, do NOT get the ti-92 or ti-89, because they will probably be banned from standardized tests, and high math classes, so ask your math teacher, because they are too hard to use and understand. Also, these 2 calculators are aimed for more college-level students, so if you are in college, try the ti-89. But in every case, a ti-83+ is ideal!

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