Oct 25, 2009

Dish Rack : Polder 6118-75 Stainless Steel Dish Rack with Reversible Drainer/Catch

I bought this dishrack about 8 months ago. I began renting an apartment that had all stainless steel appliances so I wanted a good quality dish rack to match. After using it for several months I've had time to figure out what I like about it and what things are possible problems.

Chocolate Coins : 280 Chocolate Coins, in Mesh Bags, Only $0.12 Per Coin

I ordered these coins for a poker party. I didn't realize they came in individual mesh bags, so I had to open all the bags before using. No big deal, really. Then during the party when people opened them, I was concerned to see the edges of the chocolate were a much lighter color, indicating the product was old and dried out. Considering the price I paid...over $30 I was very disappointed.

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