Oct 17, 2009

Shoe Horn : 19" Shoe Horn

If you are looking for a quality shoehorn for a gift or for yourself, consider this extended shoehorn. Not only is a pleasure to use but it is a quality product, with a solid wood handle, heavy duty brass spring to make slipping on your shoes a pleasure and is MADE IN THE USA! Not a cheap Chinese import that will break in a few weeks and is dangerous to your health

Sea Salt : Masada Mineral Bath Salt Pmint Tea

I love the smell of this in my bath water. Good relaxing! I share and give as gifts to my daughter, mother and spouse. I love the smell of mint and even though this is not peppermint is has a GREAT smell and if you have a cold, it will open up your sinus passages because it is that strong and that great in a tub of HOT water.

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