Sep 13, 2009

Shoe Horn : 31" Extra Long Handle Shoe Horn

The 31" Long Handle Shoe Horn is one of the longest shoehorns you will ever find. It makes putting shoes on easier than ever, with less effort and virtually no bending required than with shorter shoe horns. The flexible spring provides you the flexibility that is needed to easily slip your foot into virtually any shoe from any angle. There are eight individual pieces (view pictures above) that create this shoe horn. It consists of a polished solid wood spindle attached by means of a brass spring to a high quality plastic tortoise-shell shoe horn. We top it off with a hanger cap for convenient storage. All parts are made and assembled in the USA. It makes a perfect gift idea for various occasions (Holiday gift, Corporate / Business gift, etc.). You can even gift wrap the box we ship it in. Please take the time to read the customer feedback on our product by clicking on our name (Long Handle Shoe Horn) above. YOUR SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK (notify us within 30 days of purchase date).

Knee Socks : Hue Women's Flat Knit Knee Sock

Hue Flat Knit Knee Sock is our best selling knee sock, versatile from Back to School uniforms to playing golf. These Knee Hi's are comfortable under boots and keep you warm and in style during cold weather. Made in the USA.

I purchased these socks from a large department store in Chicago and fell in love with them and wanted to get rid of every other pair of trouser socks I had. It took me months of online searching through all major department stores to find them and then as a last resort I went to Amazon and found them in a second. I have already bought 8 pairs and will probably order another dozen and get rid of all the poorly made and uncomfortable socks I have in my drawer. I am hooked on Hue Plus size and it is so easy through Amazon.

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